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The two channels of School Health Programme

  1. The A full fledged onsite School Health Clinic at Cotton Hill Girls Higher secondary School which started its activities in 2007. At the moment there is only one such School Health Clinic in Kerala which is manned by a full time Doctor, a Staff Nurse and an Attendant.
  2. The Special School Health Programme implemented in selected schools representing all Panchayaths, Municipalities and Corporation which started functioning in 2009.  At the foundational level, the primary care givers are the Junior Public Health Nurses (JPHN) who are assigned exclusively for the school health program. They will be the prime provider of preventive, curative, educational, and documentation services. The program started its ground level implementation in schools in October 2009. Currently the programme is being implemented in one selected school per panchayath, 3 schools from municipality and 3 from corporation. One JPHN is in charge of 2500 students


Helping the nation build a bright and healthy generation, equipping them to make healthy choices and for planning to maintain a healthy population in the future.

The Main Components the State wide School Health Programme

  • Clinical services: The JPHNs are expected to attend minor clinical ailments and health issues that the student face while in school. JPHNs will arrange Medical screening camps with help of school health team.
  • Preventive services: Health education is the most important component of the school health program, and is the most important function of JPHNs, other than clinical services. Health education involves teaching a wide range of subjects about health, preventable diseases, hygienic practices and normal milestones.
  • Counseling: The services of a clinical psychologist/social worker will be made available in the future.
  • Documentation: Documentation of health related activities and filling of Health Record