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Growing children are facing stress at different levels, and they bear the brunt of the family issues and interpersonal problems. Members of the family who themselves are under constant stress, often do not spare time to deal with their children’s issues. At schools, they have to face peer pressure and stress related to studies. Above all, the stress of physical growth, especially during the adolescent period requires a sympathetic approach and proper guidance. Counseling may be provided to meet this end.  


Documentation is an important part of our program. For any future action related to school health program, we need a good record of the past activities since past is a guide for the future. As part of documentation activities, the “School-TC & Health Record” is introduced by the “Arogyakeralam,” Department of Health and Government of Kerala. The programme is named ‘-2 to +2,’ as it is meant for children from Pre-Primary (LKG) to the Higher Secondary levels (Plus Two).

Vaccination Programmes

Vaccination programmes may be taken up, depending on the need of the hour in the future.