Medico-legal Code - Post-mortem examination and certification etc - Guidelines.
Government order / Introduction

The Kerala Medico-legal code

Annexure 1 / Annexure 2
29-9-2011 Creation of Supernumerary post in Kerala Health Service against retirement vacancies.
Supernumerary post Order

Supernumerary Post
Suernumerary Consolidation
12.04.2011 Councelling for the Additional 2004
Batch House Surgeons on 20.04.2011
TVM Medical College
12.04.2011 Councelling for the Doctors who
have completed DNB on 19.04.2011
DNB Doctors
17.03.2011 General Transfer of Civil Surgeons for the year 2011
Provisional List
17.03.2011 General Transfer of Assistant Surgeons for the year 2011

Implementation of Specialty Cadre –

Transfer and postings and Placement of Assistant

Surgeon and equated categories in the cadre of

Junior Consultant – Various Specialties

EA(Spl.Cell)93219-2010-DHS Adhoc postings

Supple. Seneo.Spec.Posting 2011(24.2.2011)


Implementation of specialty cadre-Transfer and Postings and Placement

EA SPL.CELL 91078-2010-DHS-25.02.2011

24.02.2011 Specialty cadre - Final Supplementary
Seniority list 2010- for the selection
of Doctors for placement Specialty
Cadre/PH Lab cadre/Clinical Lab and
Blood Bank Transfusion Cadre.

-PROVISIONAL SENIORITY LIST OF DOCTORS AFTER 31-12-2006-Appeal Consideration-01.02.2011

-Proceedings of DHS No. EA(Spl. Cell) 54415/2010/DHS Dated.02/02/2011