As envisaged in the Programme Implementation Plan (PIP) of NRHM Behaviour Change Communication Strategies implemented are a mix of media, message and interpersonal communication with emphasis on counseling of families and community. The BCC interventions under NRHM focused on a) Mass Media, b) Mid Media (use of folk groups) and c) Interpersonal Communication.While Mass media campaign focuses on making use of electronic, print and other possible media of mass communication towards creating awareness and publicity for demand generation/behaviour change Mid media campaign focuses on communication through art/folk media for which NRHM has identified groups who can perform street plays and other folk arts and Equipped them to perform plays that communicate health messages.

As an aid to Inter Personal Communication, flip charts on prioritized topics were developed and are being used by JPHNs and ASHAs at the field level. Innovative initiatives like Radio Health is also being implemented. Further, special communication campaigns are launched for immunisation, promoting breast feeding, control of communicable and vector borne diseases.

Ward Health Nutrition days with focus on Reproductive Child Health care services are held in all the Wards in the state every month on a particular day focusing largely on Behaviour Change.

BCC/IEC Activity Report 2012-13