Prime objective of Capacity building under NRHM  is to upgrade the skills and knowledge of all health personnel.  This is being achieved through integrated training programmes that will further encompass the vast training needs  to address various issues in planning and operationalisation of health facilities in the State.  As a training strategy, State Institute of H & FW, Regional Training Centres and District Training Centres are entrusted to prepare Comprehensive Training Plan and Training Calendars for the  State/district, so that the health facilities particularly at sub-district and primary level could be operationalised with improved Health Service Delivery practices by the providers.  District training plans have been compiled and collated after ensuring their appropriateness.  Adequate plans for training of trainers at state level are prepared to undertake all the training planned for the districts under NRHM.

NRHM provides following three kinds of training :

  • Induction Training :- At the time of entry into service, Induction Training of at least four weeks duration is given.  This include skill enhancement, management and knowledge about the drugs/equipment and services offered at all levels of health care.
  • In-service Training :- This is the major component of training.  It is being provided to all categories of health care workers to upgrade their knowledge and skills in technical and management fields at least once every two years.
  • Refresher Training :- This is the system of continuous education for health providers needs to be institutionalized.  Knowledge and skills of every health provider are upgraded after every two years.

Coordination of all types of training activities like administration, technical and monitoring are done at State level for all kinds of training under disease control and RCH programmes.