Geo Spatial Rural Health Information System is revolutionary query Info software for Geo Spatial mapping of Health facilities, Community Functionaries, Epidemiology and Health Programmes that aims at GIS based mapping of health institutions all over Kerala


To generate spatial database/ themes on

  • Administrative boundary (up to Panchayat level)
  • Road network
  • Drainage
  • Water bodies
  • Settlements
  • Locations/ types of health infrastructure

To integrate spatial layer on health institutions with non-spatial textual data on health Institutions and epidemiology
To integrate spatial layer on Administrative boundaries with non-spatial textual data on

  • Area, period and populations covered under various Health Programmes
  • Village Health Plans, District Action Plans & fund allocation

To develop “Geospatial Rural Health Information System (G-RHIS)”

Advantages of GRHIS

  • Facilitate query and identification to provide spatial and non spatial information of the basic details of Health Institution, availability of medical, paramedical and other staff, hospital facilities, equipments and various services.
  • Facilitate spatial information on the allocation and availability of Community Functionaries under NRHM viz ASHA, JPHN and Anganwadi workers alongwith the names, addresses and phone.
  • It will also enable Spatial monitoring of the performance of various State and National Health Programmes at Institutional and area levels with respect to population and time.
  • Provide spatial query and information on trends in occurrence of Communicable diseases with respect to area, population and time.
  • Facilitate spatial information on generation of Panchayat Health Plans, District Action Plans, Ward Health and Sanitation Committees, Hospital Management Committees.
  • Facilitate spatial information on Fund allocation to Sub centre and expenditure with respect to time and purpose.
  • Facilitate spatial information on JSY, amount handed over by hospitals to various categories of beneficiaries.
  • Provide Routing information to Health Institutions.
  • The GRHIS software will also provide analytical information in graphical format besides spatial and non spatial reports all of which can be printed for use.
  • The software is provided with Zoom-in, Zoom-out, Pan, Identify functions