Social Audit (SA) has gained special significance in India, particularly in the context of Right to Information Act, 2005 and the GoI flagship programme of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Scheme (MGNREGS) wherein SA has been made mandatory. Andhra Pradesh, over a period of time, has institutionalized Social Auditing through establishing a Society for the purpose and this has been acclaimed as a model in the country.

NRHM has completed its first phase in the country in 2012 and it is appropriate time for the Mission in Kerala to scan the performance through public participation using the tools of SA so as both to create more awareness among the community on the various services as well as to bring in necessary improvement based on public scrutiny. Besides, such an exercise can facilitate NRHM to plan strategies to institutionalize the process of SA thereby ensuring its sustainability. Though SA is envisaged in the Implementation Framework of NRHM, the process of SA is yet to gain momentum in NRHM.

In the 9th Governing body held on 16th October 2012, has decided to Conduct Social Audit on NRHM programmes on a pilot mode in one PHC Sub-Centre in each of the 4 selected districts of the state with a total coverage of 4 PHC Sub-Centres.  Centre for Management Development, an autonomous institute of Govt of Kerala, is entrusted with the work.

Initially,  SA will be conducted on pilot basis in 4 districts of the state viz. Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Thrissur, and Palakkad, representing the southern, central and northern region of the state. The first pilot will be conducted in one PHC Sub-centre in Thiruvananthapuram. Based on the lessons learned from the first pilot, the methodology and tools tried will be finalised for carrying out SA in the other three districts of the state.

The Important Activities

· State level Consultation Workshop 

· State level Media Workshop

· Encage District Coordinators and Field investigators for supporting the social Audit process

· Workshops at PHC/PHC Sub-centre level

· Public Hearings

· Preparation of Report and Action Plans

· Dissemination Workshops

Expected Out Comes

1. Accountability of Establishment

2. Transparency and Participation of peoples

3. Appropriate budget utilisation

CMD is entrusted to conduct the pilot SA in all the four districts and final report submitted to NRHM with in a period of 4 months.