Comprehensive Health Plan Campaign 2012-13


State Government is facing considerable financial crunch in allocation of resources to departments in the background of recommendations of the SFC-IV that legitimate share of LSGs be restored. The recommendation of the Commission (SFC-IV) was accepted by Government and accordingly LSGs are now on the receipt of 30% of the State Plan Fund. In the above circumstances one of the options is to tap the resources of LSGDs in the implementation of Health Programmes.

Description of the Innovation

As per Govt orders of Principal Secretary, Health & Family Welfare, vide– Go (Rt) No 2529/2011/H&FWD dated on 13/07/2011- a Comprehensive Health Plan has been prepared through a decentralized plan preparation process on a pilot basis in Alappuzha District. The District prepared health and health related projects for a total amount of Rs. 62251.98 lakhs. (Health Projects worth Rs.5619.84/- as well as Health related Projects worth Rs.56932.14/-Considering the success and participatory approach, and Campaign mood the Decentralised Comprehensive Health Plan process has been extended to all the Districts of Kerala. The process of Decentralised Health Planning in the state is detailed below

District Medical Officer (Health) was the Chief Nodal Officer of Comprehensive Health Plan in the district. District Programme Manager, NRHM the Convener. District Medical Officer (Health) will nominate one Medical officer from the District Medical Office as nodal officer for the preparation and co-ordination of the Health Plan.The Nodal Officer has coordinated the program in the district in collaboration with District Programme Manager, NRHM and the Community Medicine Departments of the Medical Colleges in the state, all LSG line departments and all other agencies involved in the program. District Health and Family Welfare Society (NRHM) under the leadership of District Programme Manager have rendered necessary support for the preparation and implementation of the Health Plan in the respective areas. The Health Services Department and AYUSH departments also provided technical support in the development and implementation of the plans. The District Collector and District Panchayath President took the lead of the campaign in the Districts

A State level workshop was convened in Ernakulam attended by Director NRHM, Director of Health Services, HODs of Community Medicine Department of Medical Colleges, attended by all District Medical Officers, District Nodal Officers, District Programme Managers and social Scientists of the state and chalked out the details of the Comprehensive Health Plan.

As a part of imparting training for the Comprehensive Health Plan, Training of Trainers was arranged in four regions of the state- viz, Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Palakkad and Wayanad District level meetings were convened by the District Collector and District panchayath president in all the districts. Hon. Minister in charge of the District for “Suchitwa Varsham”, all MP’s, MLA’s, President and Members of District Panchayath, Block, Grama Panchayath President of panchayath & Line department officials attended the meeting. District level workshops were conducted in all the districts with the assistance of TOT and District Resource Team by District Medical Officer (Health) for presidents and standing committee chairman of Grama/Block Panchayath/Muncipalities/Corporations.

In the District, Block level workshops were conducted for the Presidents of Block/Grama panchayath, Chair person of Health Standing Committees and line department officials. The rich experience of the state in decentralized planning for the last two decades greatly helped all stake holders in the campaign period.

All Panchayaths were assisted to prepare a Panchayat Health Plan, which included the health priorities, local public health requirements and action to be taken by other departments to improve the health of the community. Panchayath Health Plans are consolidated in the Block level. This consolidated Health Plan along with Block level specific needs form the Block Health Plan were prepared by the Block Panchayath. Block Health plans were consolidated in the District level and prepared a District Health Plan with district level specific needs.

The Comprehensive Health Plan was planned, organized and conducted as a Decentralized Plan Campaign involving all the field staffs of Health/Health related departments and NGO’s as a joint initiative of PRI’s, NRHM and Health Department . As a result, Health plans of all wards of Grama Panchayaths were prepared and all such Plans were consolidated at Grama / Block/District Panchayath level as Projects and duly vetted by the District Planning Committee (DPC), a Constitutional body with District Panchayath President as Chairman and District Collector as Member Secretary.

The key principle behind this exercise is the realization that people participation, local relevance, convergence of various departments are very crucial for developing regional and creative Health Plans. The Projects so prepared is planned to be implemented in the XII Five Year Plan Period. As result of this successful massive Campaign, Health projects costing of Rs.241675.05/- lakhs and Health related projects totaling Rs.474871.03/- lakhs were formulated in the State.

Additional DHS (FW), HOD and Professor, Community Medicine Department, Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram and Social Development wing of NRHM master minded the campaign at the state level. The Community Medicine Departments of Medical Colleges in the State provided technical support, advocacy and training for the preparation and implementation of the Comprehensive Health Plan.


As a part of the Campaign and for inclusion of CHP projects, workshops were arranged at all wards of Grama Panchayaths. District Medical Officers, District Programme Managers with the assistance of Health staffs & Key Resource Person lead the programmes. Around 15,000 meeting/ workshop were conducted in the State as part of the Campaign. This year two workshops were arranged at State level and at District level for inclusion of the projects in the Annual Action Plan of LSGDs. Altogether projects worth Rs. 209 crores were included in the Health Sector from the allocation of LSGDs. Health related projects included by other departments is to be consolidated. The expenses incurred at the District level is being collected. However, the expense incurred for the purpose will come around Rs. 40 lakhs which is too meager considering the total amount (Rs. 209 crores) of Health projects included in the PRI’s Annual Action Plan of 2012-13.




The Comprehensive Health Plan campaign was conducted for the XII Five year plan period. This year total projects worth Rs. 2416.75 crores Health Projects and Rs. 4748.71 crores of Health related projects were formulated. Projects worth Rs. 209crores were taken up in the Annual Action Plan of PRI’s in 2012-13. If a concerted action is taken by NRHM & PRIs, the whole projects in CHP can be taken up in the remaining plan period 2013-14 to 2016-17.


With the active participation of stake holders all the Districts chalked out their local issues and prepared Health and Health related plans as consolidated below.




Amount in Lakh

Amount in Lakh














































The whole exercise was completed on a campaign mood before March 2011 and all the projects prepared were placed in the District Planning Committee (DPC) and got approved. The control of Contagious Diseases in the State in 2012-13 is also cited as indicator of the Health awareness created among the public in CHP. CHP projects worth Rs.209 crores are included so far in the Annual Action Plan of PRI’s, a good indicator of the importance given by LSGD in CHP.

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