Kerala has the highest segment of elderly persons in the whole country. Along with the achievement of longevity of life, we have to formulate appropriate strategies to address the health and social needs of the ageing population.

During 2008-’09 Velinallur Block Panchayat in Kollam District of Kerala has started implementing a Geriatric Health Care Programme “Ayurarogyam”, with the support of NRHM and involvement of all the Grama Panchayats of the Block. The scheme is mainly aimed at improving the health status and quality of life of elderly people .The target population includes the elderly population who are daily labourers in the cashew, rubber plantations and coir factories, retired employees from Govt and Private sectors etc.

Specific objectives of the project,

  • To prove the importance of the  participation of society and emphasize the ability of public health department in providing health care services for senior citizens.
  • To protect senior citizens from the exploitation of private healthcare institutions.
  • To ensure the balanced supply of health care services to people from different social, economical backgrounds.
  • To create awareness on the need of  addressing the different aspects of ageing  with equal importance by providing counseling etc.

The main activities taken up are: Community based health survey, Training of Health workers and ASHA workers, House visits, conducting Geriatric Clinics in the CHC, free supply of wheel chairs, walking sticks, spectacles, dentures, counseling and free supply of medicines for chronic ailments for the economically poor. Based on the implementation of this project NRHM is planning to scale up the project to other blocks of Kollam district.