Project e-Governance Mission Team [PeMT]

Various departments of the State Government taking up e-Governance projects would require a full-time dedicated Project e-Governance Mission Team (PeMT). This team would function as the secretariat reporting to the Project Leader. This team would oversee project execution and would manage implementation and deal with technology, process & change management related issues.

This team would also manage outsourcing tasks like :

a.  Preparation of the Project Proposals
b.  Consulting Assignments for Business Process Re-engineering, Change management,Financial Modelling, System Design & Architecture etc.
c.  Project Management / Monitoring etc.
d. Training
e.  Procurement of Hardware, Software, Networking etc.
f.  Data entry

As several of these tasks would be undertaken by various projects running in the State, it would be helpful to take advice and support from SeMT time-to-time. The approach for formation and skill-sets required for PeMT would be on similar lines as mentioned for SeMT. It is expected that the PeMT would typically consist of 4-8 core people and have a well-balanced mix of domain expertise (serving/retired officials of the department having detailed knowledge about the department and its processes and functions) and technical expertise (i.e. technology, process re-engineering, change management, project management). PeMT is envisaged to be formed as early as possible, the earlier the better. Till such time, the department may take necessary support from SeMT for handling early stages of project i.e. project proposal formulation and early stage of bid process.